October 3, 2013

Professional Guide to Spray Tanning

If you’re thinking about opening a sunless tanning salon or a mobile business that involves one-on-one spray tans, you need to put professional training on your to-do list. Learning how to spray tan takes experience and hard work, so it’s not something you can do easily on your own without a background in colour selection and airbrush techniques. The toughest part about working with clients is that they all have unique needs and skin tones. While your first client might be an olive-skinned bride who looks stunning with a deep bronze tan, your next appointment could be a naturally pale client who has sensitive skin and wants just a hint a colour. It’s up to you to adjust your equipment and technique to give each client the results she is looking for.

The Benefits of Learning How to Spray Tan through a Professional Spray Tanning Course

  • Improve your skills. Working with an experienced airbrush tanning artist can help you learn advanced techniques that can set your business apart from your competitors.
  • Find out how to handle special requests and clients with skin conditions.
  • Learn how to use marketing materials and brand promotions to run a successful tanning business in today’s competitive economy.
  • Get better at matching your clients with their ideal colours and working with problem areas.

How to Spray Tan Clients

  1. Start the appointment with a consultation to find out what your client is looking for. Choose a colour based on your client’s needs and skin tone. If she wants a colour that you know is wrong for her skin tone, explain why you think another hue is a better pick. The initial consultation is also when you want to ask your client about the last time she exfoliated and find out if she has any skin conditions that can affect how the spray tan develops. Offer a hydrating moisturiser in your salon or carry it with you to treat clients with dry skin.
  2. Set up equipment. If you run a mobile tanning business, invest in a mess-free portable pop-up tent. You don’t want to accidentally get your tanning solution all over your client’s furniture. Wear a smock or dark clothing and an apron to protect your outfit from accidental stains.
  3. Make your client comfortable. Offer disposable underwear to clients who prefer not to be naked. For even coverage, ask them to pull their hair back (consider offering a hair net) and remove makeup.
  4. Use your favourite spraying technique to cover your client’s body with tanning solution. Make sure that there aren’t any runs or missed patches. Wait for areas that are glistening to dry off before you keep working to avoid streaks. After you’re finished, wash your equipment while your client dries off.



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