March 30, 2015

Post-Baby Tanning Tricks

After having a baby, new mums may find it difficult to do anything for themselves. Even getting a hot shower when a newborn is in the home may be a struggle, which certainly puts lengthy beauty regimens on the back burner. Right after a new baby is born, a mother may receive more visitors than ever, and while spending hours getting ready may be out of the question, looking her best doesn’t have to be. With a gradual self-tanning product, like MineTan’s 3 in 1 Gradual Tan, a mum can show off a beautiful glow without spending time away from her new baby.

Tanning in a UV bed or outdoors in the sun takes hours, and it can be very damaging to the skin. Self-tanners are a great option for busy moms, but with so much room for error (orange palms, streaked, “dirty” knees and elbows), ensuring the tanner is applied correctly and correcting mistakes may take too much time. With a gradual tanner, less time is spent applying the product and there is less room for errors.

A gradual tanner is used like a traditional body lotion. However, these products contain a small amount of self-tanner, so a woman can build her tan over time. These products are completely safe for breastfeeding mothers, apply smoothly and easily, and produce a gorgeous, natural glow with continued use. Because such a small amount of tanner is used, streaks, blotches, and stained palms are a thing of the past. These products also keep the skin smooth, supple, and moisturised, so they easily replace traditional lotions and moisturisers in a woman’s daily routine.

With gradual self-tanners, a woman can show off a beautiful glow without sacrificing time with her child. Application takes just a few minutes and the lotion is absorbed by the skin in just minutes. A new mother will look great with a gorgeous tan, even without makeup!

If faster results are desired, using a tanning spray or MineTan 1 Hour Express Tan foam at home will produce fantastic results if care is taken during application. If a new mom wants to make herself feel special and treat herself to a new look without the hassle of applying products at home, a custom spray tan performed by a professional is another tanning option. Going for a professional spray tan allows a new mom to enhance her beauty without missing out on the precious time she can spend with her new bundle of joy.



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