July 2, 2013

Getting the Perfect Gradual Tan

Instant tanning formulas are great if you want dramatic colour and quick results, but using them for maintenance without going too dark can get tricky. If you want a subtle tan that looks natural and lasts all year long, your best bet is to use a gradual self tanner that doubles as a hydrating body lotion.

Because gradual tanning lotions are used for building a tan over time, it is very important to find a product that goes on evenly and doesn’t streak. The best gradual tanner should also contain natural moisturisers that help keep the skin hydrated and prevent discolouration.

Tips for Best Gradual Tanner Results

  • Shave and exfoliate your entire body before your first application – Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and turns your body into a blank canvas for your colour formula to fully absorb. Because the colour is applied to the top layer of your skin, exfoliating too often can strip your tan quicker. When you need to shave, try to get it done a day or several hours before your tanning session. For example, shave in the evenings if you prefer to apply your daily gradual tanning lotion in the mornings.
  • Try to remember which areas you covered to prevent uneven colouring – It helps to have your own step-by-step system or to always start with your legs and work your way up. When in doubt, go ahead and apply more tanner to the same spot. Your tan will not be any darker if you apply it twice to the same area in one session, but it can look patchy and uneven if you accidentally miss a spot.
  • Build your dream tan with daily gradual self tanner applications – When you are happy with your results, continue to apply your lotion every other day to maintain your ideal colour. If you have pale skin, try diluting your gradual tanning lotion with another moisturiser to get natural-looking results.

The Mine Tan Extender

Mine Tan’s hydrating blend of ingredients is one of the best gradual tanning formulas available on the market because it works to improve your skin whilst infusing it with a light bronze hue.

The Mine Tan Extender works best when applied with the Mine Bronze On Applicator Mitt, but you can also use your hands. Your colour should develop fully within several days to a luxurious golden tan that you can flaunt all winter long!



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