December 4, 2014

Minimising Tan Lines On Your Brows

Eye brows frame your face. They have an underrated effect on an entire look. Shaping and grooming brows have been gaining popularity in the makeup world, and now it is easy to see why. A good filled in brow can make you look younger, add more drama to your look, or make it more defined. However, poorly groomed brows can distract from the best of makeup looks. People with groomed brows are expected to be “groomed” in other areas in their life. Your brows are on display for everyone, and if others can see that you are taking good care of them, it will only reflect positively on you that you probably are known to care for other things in your life.

If you have never shaped your brows before, you could have some mildly unpleasant effects. First, you may experience more pain the first time you pluck or wax than you will after you have made it a habit. To help combat this, shape your brows after a shower, when the steam has opened your pores and made it easier to loosen the hair follicles.

Secondly, if you are shaping your brows, especially in the warmer months, you may notice that the area you are waxing is a shade lighter than the rest of your skin. This can give an unsightly line from where the hair was covering your skin from the sun. This resulting line is from a tan, but there are ways to combat this as well.

To avoid this line in the future, you can shape your brows every two to six weeks, depending on how fast or slow your hair grows back. Your tan will always be even, with no drastic line. Since you cannot always avoid this, like if you are shaping your brows for the first time, the easiest and best way to help this line is to use Mine Tan Perfect Match Bronzer Bronze Shimmer. This corrective bronzer is a natural looking, affordable bronzing powder used to enhance skin tone or strengthen a tan. It is a quick and easy way to minimise and erase this line from shaping your brows, and is good to have on hand in case you need a quick skin pick-me-up as well. This product is formulated to blend easily onto all skin types.

Make sure to groom and shape your brows, and if any of these issues arise, use Mine Tan Perfect Match Bronzer Bronze Shimmer as the best fake tan for face to look your best this holiday season and throughout the rest of the year.

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