January 22, 2015

Make Your Skin Look Photo Flawless

Photography has a way of bringing out the worst in everyone’s skin. Even the clearest, smoothest, most even-toned complexion can look ruddy and dull in pictures. Camera flashes illuminate blemishes and redness. They transform a glow that looks dewy and fresh in person into a heavy, unappealing sheen. Perfectly matte complexions do not fare much better; with nothing to reflect the light, all bone structure is flattened. Worst of all, many types of makeup that are used to correct these very issues exacerbate the problems when they make themselves known on film. Dabs of concealer always look several shades lighter than the surrounding skin, even if it matches perfectly in natural light. Translucent finishing powders promise to make the skin look airbrushed and photo-ready can clump up and create the dreaded patches of ghastly flashback.

One way to eliminate some of these problems is to exfoliate on a regular basis. Obviously, not everyone is able to attain perfect skin that requires no makeup, but exfoliating can bring one closer to having skin that no longer needs the types of makeup that photograph badly. By starting with the smoothest skin possible, one is eliminating the areas in which makeup tends to collect and crease. Most importantly, exfoliating nixes the dry patches that can never quite be completely concealed.

Another tip for getting photo-perfect skin is to use a primer and powder in lieu of full foundation. A primer is a pre-foundation product, designed to be applied like a serum on top of bare skin. Once it sets, it acts like a barrier between the skin and the rest of one’s makeup, preventing oil from causing smudges or breaking through the cosmetics. Applying concealer where needed and then finishing with powder creates a look that is made up but still quite natural-looking. To avoid flashback, one should use a clean powder brush to buff away excess product.

Since flashes distort skin tones, a light dusting of bronzer is needed in key areas. Some subtle contouring under the cheekbones, toward the back of the jawline and around the brow bones adds depth without artificially changing the overall colour of the skin.

The rising popularity of photo-sharing websites has turned everyone into both a photographer and a model. An abundance of filters and editing tools threatens to make people forget that the best candid photographs feature people who are smiling genuinely. Nurturing a camera-ready complexion helps to ensure that one’s smile is as natural and carefree as possible.



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