June 2, 2015

Make-up: The Ultimate Dos & Don’ts

Getting your make-up to work for you and your skin tone isn’t easy. There is plenty of advice given in magazines, YouTube tutorials and blogs  discussing the best techniques to apply your make-up – though not all advice applies to all skin tones and types. The details may be confusing, unnecessarily complicated or totally contradicting. So if you really want to be a master in the art of make-up pairing, then here are some dos and don’ts you need to look out for, both for the beginners and experts.

Be Wise With Your Foundation
Get a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. Pick one that’s a little darker than your skin because getting a lighter one can make you appear ghostlike and look noticeably lighter than your skin tone on your neck. Use store testers on the meaty side of your thumb to colour match, and ensure you use the knowledge of make-up retail assistants when choosing your shade. When applying your foundation, keep it light on your first layer as you always reapply if needed in certain areas.

Try Dark Eye Shadow With A Nude Lip
Always emphasise just one asset on your face so as not to draw attention to too many features at once. With a strong lip, the eyes should be downplayed – though with eye shadow and long lashes, the lips can be a compliment with a subtle nude shade. The trick here is to have a shadowy eye laced with black shadow ingeniously balanced by a neutral and simple lip.

Flushed lips & cheeks
When it comes to the lips and cheeks, do your best to colour match them. A reddish pink lip, for instance, perfectly matches a flushed rosy cheek and pairing them up brings about a gorgeous effect. MineTan’s Perfect Match Bronzers can also be the perfect trick to contouring the cheekbones for blush to highlight above the area.

Don’t Over-Do It
Avoid applying too much makeup especially to both your lips and eyes. Sometimes you wouldn’t even know it, but a heavy eye and shimmering lip will look overdone.

Watch Your Eyebrow Game
With the eyebrows, you want to play safe. Brows that look overly sparse, drawn on or even too heavy and thick increase your age by the years. You would want to visit a brow specialist or salon to get some advice is you are undoubtedly blank.

Don’t Over-Moisturise Your Eyes
Applying too much moisturiser makes the foundations and concealers get into the lines you desperately want hidden. Use lighter weight products and if you really feel the need for extra moisturizer around our eyes, then do it when you’re going to bed and without your makeup.



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