February 29, 2016

Maintain Your Spray Tan While Vacaying

One of the best ways to feel confident in your own skin while vacationing is by getting a spray tan. You can arrive in your destination with an instant glow that gives you a sun-kissed look and enhances your appearance. To maintain your spray tan while exploring a new destination, there are a few tips to follow during your trip.

Avoid Using Oily LotionsYou may want to lather up and lay out in the sun all day, but this can cause the spray tan to rub off by stripping it from the skin. Opt for using oil-free sunscreen to continue protecting both your skin and your spray tan while spending time outdoors.

Take Cool Showers

If you’re traveling to a tropical location, you’ll enjoy cooling off with a cold shower and using it to preserve the quality of your tan. After getting out of the shower, apply natural lotion that contains shea butter, almond oil, and vitamin E to prevent the skin from becoming flaky. This will also prevent the tan from looking patchy or from fading in certain areas while also moisturizing your skin during your vacation.

Continue Applying Tanning Lotion

Although spray tans are prone to fade after several days, you can maintain the quality of it by applying MineTan Gradual Lotion each day. This will help to boost the color of your skin and enhance the glow of the spray tan to prevent it from fading too quickly during the trip. Consider applying the lotion either in the morning or at night.

Wax or Shave Beforehand

Waxing and shaving is known to remove dead skin and exfoliate, which can wash off any beauty products that have recently been applied. Make it a point to wax or shave your skin before getting a spray tan to prevent removing it. You’ll also need to apply lotion on a consistent basis to allow it to be moisturised to ensure that the spray tan stays even and doesn’t flake off.

Blot Wet Skin

It’s important to avoid showering or swimming as much as possible when maintaining your spray tan. If you can’t avoid swimming or taking showers each day, it’s important to blot your wet skin instead of rubbing it dry. Blotting the skin will prevent rubbing off the spray tan for a gentle way of removing the moisture while protecting your glow.



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