August 9, 2013

Love the Skin You’re In

While the most obvious reason for getting a spray tan (instead of sunbaking) is health, the confidence boost that comes with perfectly bronzed skin is a nice bonus. Because your brain associates golden skin with beautiful beach days and relaxing in the sun, waking up to all-over colour is an easy way to trick your mind into thinking you’re on holiday, at any time of year! In fact, tanning in the winter can be even more rewarding because it subconsciously reminds you of warmer seasons and sunnier days.

Psychological links aside, getting a spray tan works as a confidence booster simply because it makes you look and feel your best. Pale skin is beautiful too, but it can be less forgiving for those of us who are not blessed with a perfect complexion. Blemishes and other skin imperfections are more noticeable against a pale backdrop, and constantly trying to hide them under foundation or concealer can be drying to your skin.

Cellulite is another confidence killer that can sneak up on you when your summer glow fades. Research shows that most women have some form of cellulite – but knowing that does not necessarily make us feel more comfortable with our bodies. Expensive cellulite treatments rarely work, and you could end up paying for weeks of appointments before seeing any results. While getting a spray tan may not be a permanent solution to cellulite, it certainly is an effective temporary fix.

Self-tanning products can hide scars and blemishes as effectively as they cover up cellulite. Beauty insiders from all over the world use spray tanning as their go-to solution for picture-perfect skin – and you too can get the same results at home. Spray tanning is great for all shapes and sizes because it evens out the skin and makes you appear slimmer and healthier. You can even use your tanning solution to contour your body and accentuate your best features.

Most airbrush artists can give you a custom spray tan using handheld equipment at the tanning salon, but you can also master this technique and do it yourself at home. The idea is to accent natural shadows, so they seem deeper and darker. Remember that shadows and highlights create an instant slimming effect. You can get similar results by applying a bronzer after your session. Use it on your natural muscles, shoulders and collarbones to outline your best features and downplay imperfections.

Another unexpected benefit of getting a spray tan is a whiter smile. Tanning naturally lightens your smile by creating a bigger contrast between your teeth and your skin colour. Professional teeth whitening is expensive, and can damage the enamel if you do it too often. If you feel self-conscious about your teeth in between whitening treatments, a spray tan may be just what you need to regain your perfect smile without spending extra time or money at the dental clinic.



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