August 24, 2015

Know Your Foundation

If you’re going to wear makeup, foundation is a must. Not only does it even out the tone of your skin to provide you with a more attractive complexion, foundation acts as a barrier. It protects your skins from countless toxins that are found in the environment. When it contains sunscreen, your foundation can help you to minimize the risk of skin cancer. Now that you know how important foundation is, you need to choose the right foundation for your skin type to get the best results.

So Many Choices: Knowing Which Type of Foundation Works Best for You
When it comes to foundations that are available on the market, you can opt for a stick, a liquid, or go with powder. In order to decide which type of foundation is best for you, consider your skin type. If you are plagued with dry skin, your best bet is to choose a liquid foundation that contains moisturiser in order to nourish your skin. A stick foundation will only emphasise dry edges. If you prefer powder, you’ll want to choose a lighter shade. Otherwise, you’ll only highlight the dry condition of your skin.

How to Deal with Blemishes
If you have the misfortune of struggling with blemishes, you are not alone. Your first instinct is to go with something heavy that will cover up everything. You’ll only draw more attention to your skin issues. Go with a liquid foundation that is light. Concealer is your best alternative to address your blemishes.

What to Do About Red Skin
Some women are prone to redness in their skin tone. When you are selecting a foundation, choose something that is a cream or a stick for the most comprehensive coverage. You’ll eliminate the red for a more consistent skin tone.

Covering Up Large Pores
You don’t want anyone to notice your large pores. This is where a powder foundation will come in handy, filling in your pores and giving your skin a smooth, flawless appearance. You want to stay away from anything that is luminous and will make your pores stand out.

Managing Aging Skin
You can’t turn back the hands on the clock of time. You are going to have lines and wrinkles on your face. However, the right foundation can soften their appearance. Avoid powders and opt for liquid or cream foundations that have anti-aging properties to get the most out of your skin.



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