January 2, 2013

Is It Safe To Use Fake Tans During Pregnancy

Getting a spray tan while pregnant can boost the confidence of a woman as the changing body and pale skin during this time becomes quite daunting. It gives a healthy glow to the flushed cheeks and makes the body look toned and more attractive. It also moisturizes the dry skin, which is being stretched by the baby weight gain. However, is spray tanning safe for the baby is a commonly asked question? Even though getting a spray tan while pregnant is safe, consulting a doctor before getting it is recommended.

Spray tanning while pregnant is safer when you choose a spray tanning product which has natural and organic ingredients. There are certain chemicals within the tanning solution, which are absorbed by the upper layer of the skin where the dead skin cells exist. This means the chemicals won’t penetrate into the bloodstream and reach the baby. Non-organic chemicals may be harmful. Some safe and effective chemicals include dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and erythrulose. Both of these react only with the upper layer of the skin and dye the dead skin cells temporarily to a brown colour. Both these ingredients have been approved by the TGA, and they are not harmful for both baby and mother, as they do not penetrate lower than the top layer of the skin.

Spray tanning while pregnant is safe when caution is taken while the face is being sprayed. Care is required near the eye, mouth and nose area as the mist has hazardous effects when inhaled. Breathing problems can begin with its inhalation so the expecting mother should hold their breath during the procedure.

Receiving a spray tan while pregnant is safe when compared to other tanning methods, the March of Dimes has declared. But before the session, the March of Dimes has said to test a small patch of skin. If the skin is sensitive during the first trimester of pregnancy for the mother, it should be avoided as it may react to the tanning solution.

When comparing spray tanning to other tanning options, it is no doubt the safest method of creating a bronzed look. Lying in the sun for too long is harmful for an expecting mother as the skin is already sensitive at this point and it leads to melasma – a disease in which dark patches form on the skin. On the other hand, tanning beds are harsh too for pregnant women as lying on the back for too long reduces the blood flow to the baby and the UV rays emitted by the bed are harmful for the skin.

Keep in mind that the salon should be aware about the client’s pregnancy so that they know which solutions and techniques to use on them.



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