August 26, 2013

The Importance of Priming Your Skin Before a Spray Tan

You already know that priming your skin is the secret to achieving a flawless makeup application, but did you know it is just as important for getting the best results with your favourite spray tan products? Like makeup, tanners are superficial. Tanning agents work by interacting with the dead skin cells in the uppermost layers of your skin. When your skin is not perfectly primed, your tan can end up looking uneven and patchy. If you are getting frustrated with tanners because they leave your skin streaky, chances are that you are not prepping your skin correctly. Making a few small changes to your priming routine can make all the difference in the quality of your results.

Reasons to Prime Your Skin Before Tanning

  1. Superior Coverage
    Preparing your skin with exfoliators and moisturisers evens it out and makes it easier for spray tan products to deposit all-over colour in one quick application.
  2. Healthier Skin
    In addition to making it easier for tanning agents to deposit colour evenly, priming can dramatically improve your skin’s health. For example, exfoliating promotes skin cell renewal by removing old cells, dirt and toxins. To promote your skin’s health while you tan, look for primers that double as moisturisers and skin conditioners. Try Mine Tan’s Perfect Start Primer to see big improvements in your skin’s health and the lifespan of your spray tans. Using gentle cleansers and hydrating moisturisers, Mine Tan’s primer restores the skin’s delicate pH balance while counteracting the drying effects of DHA-based spray tan products.
  3. Better Value
    Polishing your skin leaves behind a smoother and more even surface, so your tan looks better and lasts longer. By extending the lifespan of your spray tan, you can cut back on paying for frequent salon appointments and product replacements. With a good priming and maintenance routine, you can easily double the amount of time your colour lasts after the first application.

Tips for Perfect Priming

  • Start preparing your skin by exfoliating and shaving the day before you spray tan. You can do both a few hours before tanning, but a full 24 hours gives the skin more time to recover and reduces the risk or irritation. Since shaving and exfoliating can strip your colour quickly, try not to do it for a couple of days after you tan. After that, exfoliating with a gentle primer like Mine Tan can actually improve your colour by evening out any spots that look faded or patchy.
  • Moisturise your entire body before you tan and after. Moisturising not only helps your skin stay soft and silky, but it can also create a smoother surface for your spray tans. To prevent dark patches, apply extra moisturiser before tanning to dry spots and any areas where a faux tan can look unnatural.
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