May 14, 2015

How to Pack For Your Holiday

Packing like an expert will prepare you for a smooth, easy and perfectly prepared holiday, right? The good news is, anyone can be a pro by simply developing a strategy and sticking to the basic rules. Use our guide to perfect your packing skills!

Make a Plan of Action
Start a packing list approximately a week before you’re scheduled to leave for your getaway. It will be a life-saver if you make the list by simply putting it in the Notes on your phone, so you can add to it the moment you think of something else vital you may need to pack. it also helps to check the forecast for your destination so you’ll know whether to pack your bikini or a heavy jacket!

Identify the Essentials
It’s easy to fall into the habit of packing for scenarios of “What if…”. Fall into the habit of questioning your items when you’re packing: do I really need five pairs of pants and eight pairs of shoes? It can be tempting to over pack so if you’re traveling with others, collaborate. Assign each traveler with an item that all can use as a group so you wont end up with five hair dryers, straighteners or MineTan Handy.Tans.

Make your Items Stretch
Making a piece of clothing useful for double their purpose, or even triple, is a great way to conserve space in your suitcase. A simple pair of black pants can be paired with a t-shirt for daytime sight-seeing, a chiffon top for shopping or lunch, and a blazer for dining out. Lip balm can make a great substitute cuticle cream, bug spray can take nail polish stains out of clothing, and tweezers aren’t just for cleaning up your brows, but can remove splinters. However, our favourite one: MineTan’s Perfect Match Bronzers double as a shimmer for contouring your face, an overall dusting powder or to enhance your MineTan glow.

Avoid the Simple Mistakes
Rule of thumb: Never put anything in your checked-in luggage that you absolutely cannot live without for 48 hours. Luggage can sometimes be lost in flight, especially if there is a layover in your travels. Keeping your toothbrush, concealer, hair brush, medications or other essentials in your carry-on will ensure that you stay calm, equipped and collected in the event that you luggage is still on its way to you.

Another mistake to avoid is making sure you’re dressed for comfort when travelling. Tights and leggings can be your best friend when flying or travelling long car distances! Not only are they super comfy, they also won’t wrinkle no matter how long you’re wearing them. A pair of leather skinnies will sadly not be your friend after several hours on the road or in the air.

Wow the Crowd
No woman, anywhere, should ever have to sacrifice feeling well-groomed while on their getaway. You want to feel completely like yourself whilst on holiday to properly relax and rejuvenate! Looking great with a faux-glow has never been easier since MineTan 1 Hour Express Tans are now available in a 100mL size. It’s the ideal size to fit into your carry-on or handbag, and the perfect little pamper item to give yourself that sun-kissed look even before you hit the beach.



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