April 8, 2015

How To Give Yourself A Make-Under

Typically, most beauty articles aren’t telling you that less is more. Most are trying to tell you how to get your most glam by piling on the makeup and hair products. While it’s fun to doll yourself up, it can be equally fun to take a break from all of that stuff and go for a subtler look. Giving yourself a make-under can be a nice break. Furthermore, the minimalist look is currently in Vogue in a huge way. Here are some easy tips you can use to subdue your look and work a more natural style.

Choose Eyes or Lips

One of the easiest ways to give yourself a subtler makeup look is by working with the eye or lip rule. Essentially, for a toned down look, you want to focus on your eyes or your lips, but never both. If you’re wearing a bright lipstick, don’t wear any eye makeup besides mascara. If you’re wearing a bold eye shadow, just use a clear gloss on your lips. This will help you to achieve a striking but subdued look.

Work Your Natural Hair

Too many women are downright petrified of wearing their hair naturally, with many believing that they “don’t have the right texture” to do so. However, there’s no such thing as hair that can’t be worn naturally. For a simple, toned-down look, let your hair dry naturally with no product beyond a small pinch of anti-frizz serum. The more you take a break from your blow-dryer and flat iron, the more your natural texture will begin to shine through.

Take Off The Acrylics

Nail extensions, whether gel or acrylic, are an incredibly American invention. You’d be hard pressed to find faux nails in most parts of Europe. For a natural look that is incredibly high fashion, try ditching the extensions and bright polishes and going with a subdued clear or pink polish. Short, natural nails are perfect for a make-under. They are the easiest way to take your look from “trendy” to truly chic.

If you feel like you’ve been spending too many hours in front of your vanity, a make-under can be the perfect way to give yourself a break and try something new. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful you still look, even when you aren’t piling on the makeup and torturing your hair.



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