November 25, 2015

How To Extend Your Tan’s Lifetime

In general, the spray tan lasts a week but it can last longer when you know how to apply and maintain it.

Skin Preparation for Spray Tanning

The most important thing that you’ll be required to do is to moisturise your entire body for a couple of days before spray tanning. Also, ensure that hairy parts of your body, like legs and arms, are shaved before to avoid a spotty look. Next, exfoliate by scrubbing all dry patches in the body. It’s advisable to avoid deodorant, perfumes, and make-up since using these products might cause adverse reactions.

After Tanning Tips

When it’s time to wash off your tan, keep the first shower brief, it should be just a rinse. After you’re done showering, pat dry your skin as opposed to rubbing vigorously.

Despite the fact that exercise is often beneficial to the body, steer clear from it for a day after tanning. The sweat released during strenuous activities will cause the tan to fade quickly. Shaving should also be kept to the minimal. Stay away from swimming pools and spas for a day because the chlorine that is present in such water will cause your tan to fade.

Enjoy Your Tan for Longer

Don’t get disappointed if your tan is fading prematurely, there are plenty of MineTan beauty products that will help to restore the desired look. A tinted moisturiser comes in handy for maintaining the tan. Although you can enjoy your tan for longer through the above-mentioned tips, more will be required on your part. In the first 24-hour period, don’t wear white clothes and do drink plenty of water. A hair dryer is apt to speed up drying especially if you are using the spray tan yourself. A thumb rule to remember is never spraying the tan to the palm of your hand or the fingers. Wipe off your mistakes using cotton wool.

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