June 6, 2014

How to be an At Home Tanning Pro

From world-famous celebrities to do-it-yourself beauty queens, who doesn’t love a golden head-to-toe tan with delicious caramel undertones and a healthy sun-kissed glow? Now that exposing our skin to deadly ultraviolet rays is a major fashion faux pas, experts who share self tanning tips agree that getting a spray tan at home is the best way to achieve the colour we covet. While home tanning can be tricky, don’t let a few streaks or missed spots scare you back into the clutches of traditional tanning beds. Straight from a skin-finishing stylist to the stars, below are some of our favourite fake tan tips for taking your home spray tan from a complete mess to a flawless success.

1. Invest in a Professional Tanning Mitt

Why is buying an optional home tanning accessory the first thing on our list of top self tanning tips? Because it makes blending a breeze, a tanning mitt can instantly turn a patchy tanning disaster into the best home spray tan you’ve ever had. While a tanning mitt is typically paired with mousse or lotion, it’s a must-have addition to any type of tanning formula. Besides simplifying the application process, water-resistant tanning mitts prevent stains by creating a barrier between DHA and your hands.

2. Get Scrubbing

Another one of those fake tan tips that you never want to miss is exfoliating the day before you’re planning to spray tan at home. Exfoliators slough away dead skin cells and dirt, leaving behind the perfect foundation for deep and even coverage with any home tanning products. Think of your body as a canvas. You need to start with a clean and balanced surface before you can paint a masterpiece.

3. Try a Temporary Formula

If you’re still a beginner, the idea of giving yourself a spray tan can be a little terrifying. To practise your application technique without commitment, experiment with a wash-off solution until you feel comfortable enough to move on to the real thing.

4. Don’t Watch the Clock

Forget about following self tanning tips that focus on speed. Building a stunning spray tan at home takes time, and there aren’t any true shortcuts you can go to without taking away from the quality of your results.

5. Spray in Sections

Only an experienced airbrush artist has the skills to apply a home spray tan in one smooth stroke. For the rest of us, spraying in sections is the easiest way to control coverage and avoid discolouration. Since bending down can form creases around your stomach, you want to start with your feet before slowly working your way up to your neck and face.

6. Use a Circle Motion

Simply applying your home spray tan in a straight line can create streaks and harsh lines. For an impeccable finish, one of the most important fake tan tips to remember is to move your tanning mitt in a circular motion instead of rubbing the mist directly into your skin.



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