August 14, 2015

Hello Europe: MineTan Travel Essentials

Self Tans and Travel

If you’re planning a trip to a faraway locale such as Europe, you want to make sure your self tan looks as good as possible while you’re away from home. Fortunately for you, MineTan has many effective products that are sure to keep your bronze glow looking absolutely fabulous during your getaway.

Pack All of Your Essential Self Tanning Products

Don’t leave home without making sure you can maintain your beautiful self tan while you’re away. MineTan has an abundance of products that can help you achieve — and maintain — a gorgeous and natural looking spray tan. The best part is that these products are quick, effective and easy to use. If you’re packing for a trip to Europe, the United States, Asia or beyond, MineTan’s One Hour Express Tan should have a spot in your suitcase. Remember, you have many exciting One Hour Express Tan product choices available to you whether you’d like a dark and rich self tan or something a bit more subtle and light.

Stay Away From Exfoliation

When it comes to maintaining a tan, exfoliation is something to avoid. When you remove dead skin cells from your skin, you also remove your spray tan, after all. If you’re enjoying an afternoon on the beach on the picturesque French Riviera, lie down over a towel. If you don’t, you could risk the sand exfoliating your skin and therefore prematurely removing your tan. When you get out of the water, pat your skin down to get it dry, too. If you massage your skin using a towel, that’s yet another frustrating exfoliation risk you want to avoid.

Moisturise Your Skin on a Daily Basis

If you want to maintain a fresh and attractive glow to your skin for your entire trip, a good moisturiser is absolutely critical, no exceptions. MineTan has a product that’s terrific for this purpose — the Three In One Gradual Tan. Not only does this formula deeply hydrate the skin, but it also helps boost existing tans and makes them last significantly longer. If you want to make sure your glow stays fresh as can be without worries of it fading away or looking noticeably uneven, this MineTan product is exactly what you need in your suitcase. This product is ideal for individuals with all different kinds of skin. Not only does it consist of natural tanning components, but it also consists of calming aloe vera. Use the Three In One Gradual Tan formula every day to maintain a radiant, soft and healthy look to your skin. Don’t forget that one of the keys to a beautiful tan is skin that’s deeply moisturised and soft. Since this MineTan product is extremely mild, it’s appropriate even for individuals who have sensitive skin that’s vulnerable to redness and other forms of irritation.



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