May 19, 2015

HandyTan Preparation Tips

Once your Handy.Tan is unwrapped from its box, it’s very tempting to start spray tanning with your new hand-held favourite in excitement. Though before you jump straight in and put your Handy.Tan to the test, check out our guide on assembling your spray tan machine, setting your nozzle and perfecting your spray tan technique to get the most flawless Handy.Tan finish you can.

Using Your Handy.Tan

Prior to tanning, exfoliate your skin in the shower with the MineTan Exfoliating Mitt to create the perfect smooth foundation for your tan to be showcased. Exfoliating properly also ensure that your tan will fade evenly – avoiding the blotchiness of a faux-glow altogether! Preparation here is key.

Also make sure your skin is clean, dry and free of any other chemicals such as shampoos, oils, deodorants, perfumes or moisturisers prior to using your Handy.Tan. Put your hair into a top bun and to protect, we advise that you cover it with a shower cap. Make sure all your jewellery has been removed too. You’re ready to tan!

Assembling Your Handy.Tan
To use, attach the spray tan gun (with handle and tan solution compartment) to the mini turbine by inserting the bottom of the handle of the gun into the connector of the mini turbine. Turn it clockwise until it feels firm, and secure the gun to the mini turbine. This will lock the spray tan gun perfectly into place. For a diagram on how to assemble your machine, consult the Operation Manual from the materials accompanying your Handy.Tan.

Setting the Spray Pattern
There is a nozzle on the face of the spray tan gun, which is the area that the spray tan solution will be coming from. This nozzle can be adjusted to suit your preferred style of spray tanning; the machine caters to those tanning beauties who like to administer their spray tan side to side across the body, or alternatively, up and down the body.

Note when the nozzle (shaped like a bar) is lying horizontally, this is compatible with administering a spray tan with a side to side motion across the body. Alternatively when the nozzle is positioned vertically, this is compatible with spray tanning up and down the body (top to bottom).

Spray Tan Technique
The trick is to hold your machine approximately 10 to 20cm away from the body, and to start tanning at the feet and work consistently upwards. Practice your spraying technique using a steady, sweeping motion and ensure that the machine is moving at all times. Otherwise, if the spray tan dwells on a spot for longer than the rest of your body, you will find your result features several darker spots than the rest of your body. Not ideal!

If these darker spots do appear though, don’t worry! Smooth them out right away with the MineTan Application Mitt and then continue spraying. The Application Mitt will be your best friend in these early stages of using your Handy.Tan as you perfect for your own preferred technique. Happy tanning!

Images via @emmaatan_ on Instagram



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