February 29, 2016


Even if a person is a skilled tanner, he or she may occasionally have a tanning fail. The good news is there are many things that can be done to fix common tanning fails. Below is a list of things that can be done to fix tanning problems:

My Palms Are OrangeThe Cause: Orange palms are caused by applying the false tan without a mitten or glove. It can also be caused by touching the skin during the development time. If your palms come in contact with the developing tan, then the tan will develop on your hands.

The Fix: It can be difficult to remove the tan from your hands. However, you can remove it by applying an oil-based product to your hands. You will then need to remove the product by using hot water and a grainy exfoliant.

My Legs Are Scaly

The Cause: This problem is caused by over-applying the tan. Your skin only absorbs one layer of the tan. If you apply too much tan, then you will end up with a scaly finish. A thin, evenly-applied tan will produce a result that is much better.

The Fix: You can take a bath and use an exfoliant to remove the excess tan.

My Tan Is Streaky Or Patchy

The Cause: There are a number of things that can cause streaks and patches to develop. If you miss areas, then you are likely to develop streaks or patches. You may also develop patches if the tan comes in contact with liquids during the development process. In order to prevent this problem, you will need to apply the tan in a well-lit room with a full-length mirror. Avoid using performs, deodorants and moisturizers after you apply your tan.

The Fix: You can fix streaks and patches with a product that will even out your tan.

My Face Has Gone Too Dark

The Cause: This is caused by using a color that is too dark for your skin tone or using too much tan. You should moisturise your face before applying the tan.

The Fix: You can use an oil-based face mask that will help lighten up the colour. You can also tone down the colour by using a good foundation.



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