June 13, 2013

The Perfect Blush For Your Skin Tone

When it comes to blushes, there are dozen of different choices available for you to choose from, but the question is, which one is the perfect one for your skin tone?

Fair Tones

Fairer skin tones know that putting on makeup can often look overdone. Fair skin care routines dictate that the lighter the shade, the better. If you have fair skin, the lightest shades of pink and peach should work perfectly to compliment your natural colour. To make sure the application is as light as possible, remember to tap the excess off the brush before you start applying. You can also using a blending brush after application if it looks too dark. Once the blush is on, you can add a little bit of highlight above your blush for it to really pop.

Olive and Tan Tones

When your skin falls under the olive or tanned category, you will want to look for deeper peaches and pinks. Most women fall into this colour category, so there are plenty of blush options on the market. When it comes to highlighting tanned skin, deeper shades need to be used. Instead of a light champagne colour, you should go for a golden colour on the pale/warm side.

Dark Tones

Dark skin tones should always use darker, deeper colours to make their skin stand out. With light colours, a dark skinned person may look washed out, giving the appearance of a poor skin care routine. Instead you can choose blushes that are rich in the colour red and orange for a more bold look. Don’t forget to use a blending brush for a more natural appearance!

Application is just as important as colour. If you apply too much blush to your cheeks, it will give you an unnatural look. The key aim with blush in any shade is to make it look like you are wearing nothing at all for that perfect, put-together look.



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