February 5, 2014

How to Find the Best Spray Tan Brands

Today’s spray tan brands are sold in an overwhelming variety of colours, formulas and blends. All tanning products promise natural colour and even coverage, but telling the difference between the brands that deliver flawless results and the ones that fall short can be tricky without firsthand experience. While sometimes finding a great tanning solution is a trial-and-error process, you can cut down on mistakes by learning more about spray tans and how they differ. Whether you’re in the market for a professional salon staple or a perfect personal product, here are the five things you need to consider to find the best tanning brand for you.

1. Reputation

Even if you’re new to spray tanning, chances are that you already know which spray tan brands have the best track record for customer satisfaction. As a general rule, salon-quality formulas will always be better than cheaper generic solutions. While the majority of tanning solutions use DHA as the main tanning agent, professional spray tans are made with premium ingredient blends to keep skin healthy and promote natural-looking results.

2. Colour Choices

Some spray tan brands sell products that can be mixed for custom results. Others only make three main shades for light, medium and dark skin tones. If you’re looking for products that can be used in your professional salon, being able to give your clients unique results based on their style and skin tone can be a big plus. For at-home use, it’s easier to stick with pre-bottled shades.

3. Ingredients

Every spray tan is loaded with additional ingredients that can change the product’s scent, drying time, effectiveness and safety. Although all tanning products are considered safe, you need to be selective if you have any ongoing skin conditions or allergies. Artificial ingredients that are sometimes added for scent or mist colour can irritate sensitive skin. If you’re worried about how additives will affect your skin, look for brands that offer organic solutions.

4. Range of Products

Many of the luxury spray tan brands now sell collections of specialty products that range from all-natural formulas to tan-enhancing accessories. Many are designed to improve the skin while they work. Spray tans made with Moroccan oil and vitamin-enriched products can transform the skin’s texture and appearance with regular use.

5. Product Lifespan

When it comes to how long a spray tan lasts, the bottom line is that longer is always better. Using a product that washes away in a couple of days is a waste of time and money. If the length of time your tan lasts is especially important to you, go with luxury spray tan brands. They cost more upfront, but you’ll get better and longer-lasting results.



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