February 21, 2014

How to Find Your Perfect Mine Tan

Want to get the best spray tan? For even coverage and flawless colour, try the professional products from Mine Tan Body Skin. Available in a wide variety of shades and formulas, Mine Tan’s spray tans adjust to your natural complexion while infusing your skin with nourishing nutrients that keep it hydrated and healthy. The result is a glowing, golden-brown skin tone without a hint of orange. Once you experience the Mine Tan difference, you’ll never see sunless tanning the same way again. Use the guide below to find your ideal Mine Tan match.

Choosing Your Colour Base

The secret to achieving the best spray tan is starting with a base that complements your natural skin tone. Mine Tan’s solutions are available in three different colour bases, which represent the spectrum of beautiful skin tones from around the world.

  • Green Base Tan – Mine Tan’s original Green based spray tans develop into a deep bronze colour.
  • Violet Base Tan – Formulated to replicate the gorgeous olive skin tones of a European beach holiday, Mine Tan’s Violet solutions combine warm violet shades with brown bronzers to deliver a rich tan with gold undertones.
  • Dark Ash Base Tan – Inspired by exotic Brazilian hues, Dark Ash is Mine Tan’s darkest spray tan. Mixed with dark brown and black Japanese charcoal bronzers, Dark Ash tans are used to create an ebony colour with a cool espresso finish.

Whether you are fair, medium or dark, each base can be matched to your natural skin tone by the colour intensity.

Choosing Your Colour Intensity

To get the best spray tan, it’s important to balance your base with the right colour intensity. The percentage of DHA (the main tanning agent used in the majority of spray tans) determines how dark your tan will develop. To accommodate all skin tones, Mine Tan offers the brand’s signature solutions in three DHA levels:

  • Onyx (14 percent DHA) – Ideal for medium to dark skin tones, this formula has the highest DHA levels in the Mine Tan range.
  • Black (13 percent DHA) – Mine Tan’s medium shade is perfect for elevating olive skin tones or creating dramatic colour on fair skin.
  • Black Junior (12 percent DHA) – The lightest in the Mine Tan collection, Black Junior is recommended for achieving a natural-looking colour on pale complexions.

Specialty Tans

In addition to the standard tanning formulas that can be mixed and matched for custom results, Mine Tan offers several one-of-a-kind specialty collections, including the popular Moroccan and Chocolate lines. Both are Green based solutions infused with premium blends to improve the skin’s health and appearance. The Moroccan Range delivers the healing benefits of argan oil, while the Chocolate Range seduces the senses with rich cocoa blends designed to prevent skin damage and reverse signs of ageing.

Mine Tan also offers high-end products designed specifically for certain groups and occasions: Man Tan, Perfect Bride and Winter Coat. With the exception of the latter two and the Chocolate Range, all Mine Tan spray tans develop in just one hour.



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