August 22, 2015

Eyeliner Shapes Exposed

When you are thinking about eyeliner, you need to begin with the shape of your eyes. Always consider your natural features before you begin any type of makeup application. The entire point of wearing makeup is to enhance what you have. Consider the following tips to find the best combination for your eyes.

Liner on the Top and the Bottom
If you are going to apply liner to the top and the bottom, always apply it right along the lash line and make it touch at the corners. This look is best if your eyes are shaped like almonds. You should steer clear of this look if your eyes are small. If you experiment with this style and your eyes are on the small side, you can wing your liner out to make your eyes look larger.

Try a Set of Classic Wings
You can have the winged effect for nearly any kind of eye shape. It is a versatile style. If your eyes are close together or round, extend your wings. This is known as the cat’s eye. Begin with a fine line at the inside corner and get thicker as you work your way out.

Go Graphic
You can really have a bold effect and transform your round eyes or eyes placed near each other with the graphic look. You start at the inner corner and then make a thick line as you reach the center of your eye and go out to the end. You will finish with a winged effect at the corner.

Go Classic
You can have a classic bar when you want to work with any eye shape and prefer a subtle style. You only apply eyeliner on the top and go with four, bold strokes. Finish the look with a quality mascara on the top and bottom. Waterproof is best.

Think Open Wings
If your eyes are round, open wings work nicely. You will follow the same steps for winged eyeliner on the top and the bottom, turning your wings downward on the bottom. You can experiment with this look for any eye shape when you want to spice things up.

Walk the Thin Line
If your eyes are wide or shaped like almonds, you could opt for a thin, straight line on the top. You don’t need anything on the bottom. Choose this style when you want to look natural or go with a subtle effect.



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