March 20, 2014

Expert Spray Tan Training

Not all spray tans are created equal. Some develop into a dark, golden-brown colour with even coverage. Others turn into a patchy mess, give little colour pay-off or fade too fast. What makes one spray tan better than another? While getting the application just right is important, it’s not the only step that determines the quality of the results. Below, we share the core components of delivering a great spray tan and tell you why taking a spray tan course is a must if you want to go pro.

The Five Building Blocks of Professional Spray Tans

  1. Tanning Solution. Even if you’re an experienced airbrush artist, your spray tans can only be as good as the product you’re using. Cheap solutions are made with sub-par ingredients and weak tanning agents, so they can’t produce the same rich hue and long-lasting coverage as the more expensive premium brands.
  2. Client’s Preparation. For flawless coverage and natural-looking colour, spray tans must always be applied to clean, freshly exfoliated skin. Because your reputation is on the line, it’s up to you to teach your clients how to prepare for a spray tan and how to maintain the colour after it develops.
  3. Technique. For spray tans that are applied by hand, technique is everything. The distance between the tanning mist and the client’s skin, how you hold your spray gun and where you use it first can all make a big difference to the final results.
  4. Equipment. Tanning machines come in a wide selection of sizes, brands and features. As a tanning professional, you need to know how to choose, maintain and use all types of tanning equipment.
  5. Environment. Clients see professional spray tanning as a special treat, and many beginners get nervous before their first appointment. To make all clients happy and keep them coming back in the future, you need to set up a clean space where they can feel comfortable and relaxed at all times.

The Perks of Taking a Spray Tan Course

While the top tanning workshops are a bit pricey, attending them is essentially an investment in your future. From colour selection to advanced application techniques, a good spray tan course will cover everything you need to know to become a top-notch tanning artist or consultant in today’s competitive beauty industry. In addition to hands-on training, you’ll learn a variety of important business basics that range from opening your own tanning salon to planning effective marketing campaigns. Whether you’re just starting out or are getting ready to open your first salon, a spray tan course can help you take your career to the next level.



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