January 24, 2014

Creating the Perfect Canvas

Because tanning solutions create colour within the uppermost layers of your skin, your spray tan can only be as good as your pre-session skin prep. Think of faux tanning as an art form. To get even coverage and deep colour, you need to start with a perfectly polished canvas. From exfoliating your body to using nutrient-rich tanning formulas, adding a few important pre-tanning tips to your beauty regimen can help you get flawless colour with every session.

Best Tanning Tips to Get Your Skin Ready

  1. Exfoliate before every spray tan. If you follow just one recommendation, make it exfoliating the day before your spray tan application. To prevent streaks and patches, you need to remove any elements that can potentially block the tanning agents from penetrating your skin. For a squeaky-clean base, pair a shower tan optimiser with an exfoliating mitt. Since your skin is thicker in some areas of your body, pay particular attention to your elbows, knees and ankles.
  2. Shave and wax in advance. Hair removal is tough on skin and can strip your colour quickly, so it’s important to get it done ahead of time. To prevent dark spots around hair follicles and give your skin time to recover, wait a full day before spray tanning after shaving and two days after waxing.
  3. Avoid products with high pH levels. One of the least-known spray tanning tips is checking shower products for pH levels. High pH levels make tanning agents ineffective, so you want to avoid using any body washes and soaps that can sabotage your faux tan from the start.

Spray Tanning Tips for Application

  • Come with clean, naked skin. Makeup, oil-based body treatments and any other products that cover your skin with a film can block your spray tan or cause discolouration by interacting with tanning chemicals.
  • Blend to create natural coverage. One of the best tanning tips you can follow to create a real-looking tan is to use a moisturiser right before the application on areas that are rarely hit by sunlight. Try Mine Tan’s specially formulated Blending Cream.
  • Wear loose-fitting, dark clothes to your appointment. Spray tans dry quickly, but they can rub off on fabric if it sits too close to your skin.

Best Tanning Tips for Improving Your Skin’s Health

  • Hydrate your skin with a daily moisturiser. Using a rich lotion every day to protect your skin from dryness and irritation can go a long way toward creating a smooth surface for your fake tans.
  • Try tanning blends that are infused with Moroccan oil and other nourishing ingredients to improve your skin’s texture and appearance while you tan.


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