January 9, 2014

How to Get a Celebrity Style Tan

Given the number of celebrities who never show up on the red carpet without a perfect tan, you might think that your favourite stars either spend a lot of time relaxing on world-class beaches or just happen to be born with naturally flawless skin. In most cases, neither assumption is accurate. While it is true that celebrities love to holiday in exotic seaside resorts, their deliciously dark skin colours usually come pre-packaged in self-tanning solutions. Without a fake tan, the majority of the sun-kissed faces you see in tabloid magazines would be at least a few shades lighter (not to mention, more weatherworn).

The prevalence of sunless tanning among celebrities is nothing new. Spray tanning, the in-crowd’s go-to tanning solution, delivers safe and long-lasting results that can be customised to any skin tone and special event. In show business, looks are everything. Most stars are simply not willing to put their skin at risk of early ageing and skin cancer by exposing themselves to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays – and neither should you. With premium sunless tanning products available at your fingertips, it is easy to build a flawless fake tan that rivals even the most beautiful looks on the red carpet.

Prepping Your Skin for the Best Fake Tan

To get the best fake tan, you need to begin with hydrated and perfectly polished skin. The healthy glow you see on your favourite celebrities always starts with a great beauty routine and a healthy diet. To get their look, moisturise your skin on a daily basis with a rich body lotion. For skin that shines from within, stock your pantry with tropical fruits, cruciferous vegetables and nuts. To optimise results from your fake tan, exfoliate the day before the application to remove dead skin cells and other colour-blocking debris.

How to Get a Celebrity Fake Tan

Spray tanning is usually the best option for copying the most stunning red-carpet looks. The application only takes a few minutes, and the colour develops into an even tan without a hint of orange. To get a tabloid-worthy fake tan, look for spray tans with high-end tanning solutions. Premium spray tans are initially more expensive than generic brands, but they look more natural and last longer.

Besides tanning with luxury brands, play around with different colours. Take a cue from celebrities who are always changing up the depth of their skin colour depending on events, seasons and their outfits. Try a deep bronze for hot summer parties and glamorous evening occasions. In the winter, keep it natural with subtle caramel tones. If you are feeling daring, get a custom airbrush job to create a colour contour that is sure to make heads turn anywhere you go.

To make your fake tan last longer, moisturise daily and boost fading colour with gradual tanning lotions. For when you need to deepen your spray tan in an instant, reach for beauty products in warm colours. Celebrity makeup artists always keep skin illuminators, bronzers and blushes on hand for finishing touches that shine in print and on the big screen.

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