October 22, 2013

The Benefits of Using a Tanning Lotion

When deciding on a new self-tanning solution, you are faced with a myriad of options. Mousse formulas, gradual tanners, tanning lotions and spray tans are the most common choices for do-it-yourself faux colour. While each type of formula has its own following, tanning lotions and spray tans are especially popular. Because applying spray tan at home can be tricky for inexperienced users, most people opt for a professional salon spray tan. Airbrush tanning solutions can be applied through an automatic tanning booth, which sprays clients with a fine mist from head to toe, or by an expert technician who uses a manual spray tan machine.

Tanning lotions, on the other hand, are used primarily at home. You can apply tanning lotions in the same way you apply traditional moisturisers, since they are similar in texture and formula. With ingredients that deliver instant hydration and access to fast-acting formulas in a variety of colours, using a tanning lotion can quickly become your favourite at-home sunless tanning solution.

Reasons to Use a Tanning Lotion

1. Minimise risk of mistakes
The only major difference between body lotions and tanning lotions is that tanners contain DHA, which is the chemical that develops into a fake tan by interacting with the cells in the top layers of your skin. Since tanning lotions can be applied in the same way as body lotions, they are easy to work with regardless of your self-tanning experience and skill level.

2. Prevent sun damage
Tanning in the sun can cause irreversible damage to your skin and increase your chances of skin cancer. By using a tanning lotion instead, you can prevent early signs of aging and protect your skin from a long list of dangerous health risks.

3. Get realistic colour
As long as you choose premium products from well-known brands, you can easily avoid results that look orange or uneven. With ongoing advancements in the sunless tanning industry, today’s top self-tanning lotions are designed to produce results that are identical to the real thing. For a deliciously dark tan that looks completely natural, try the Black lotion from Mine Tan. Infused with exotic dark bronzers and hydrating moisturisers, Black is the ultimate tanning lotion for those occasions when you are craving a serious colour boost.

4. Improve your skin’s health
Most professional-quality tanning lotions contain a number of powerful ingredients that hydrate and nourish your skin while your faux tan develops. Vitamins, essential oils, fruit extracts and antioxidants are just a few examples of skin-loving ingredients that are commonly used in self-tanning lotions. Using a tanning lotion infused with one of these ingredients can help you get smoother and younger-looking skin with an all-natural glow.



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