September 10, 2013

The Benefits of Moroccan Oil

If you keep up with the latest beauty trends, chances are you’ve already heard about the incredible benefits of Moroccan oil. Also known as argan oil, Moroccan oil is full of skin-loving vitamins, essential nutrients and healthy fatty acids to soothe and nourish your skin. Made into oil by Berber women from Morocco’s south-western region, argan oil is sourced from the kernels of fruits grown on argan trees. Because argan trees are almost exclusively found in Morocco, the oil they produce is highly valued and somewhat rare. With its medicinal roots dating back hundreds of years, argan oil is still known as one of the best natural solutions for healthier skin and hair.

The Benefits of Using Moroccan Oil

  • Deliver instant hydration to dry skin. Argan oil’s fatty texture makes it the perfect moisturiser for dry skin that needs around-the-clock nourishment.
  • Heal skin disorders. Triterpenoid, one of the active ingredients found in argan oil, quickly reduces swelling, irritation and puffiness. In addition to healing stubborn skin conditions from the inside, triterpenoids form a strong barrier on the top layers of the skin to protect it from outside irritants, chemicals and harsh weather conditions.
  • Reverse signs of aging. Argan oil has the perfect combination of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, slow down the aging process and promote collagen production.
  • Get extra protection from dangerous UV rays. Polyphenols, active antioxidant compounds found in argan oil, are often used in moisturisers for additional protection from the sun. While you still need to wear sunscreen on a regular basis, using argan oil can help reduce UV damage if you forget to reapply your sunscreen frequently or if your skin gets burned.
  • Heal acne scars and prevent stretch marks. Argan oil softens the skin and infuses it with vitamin E and other ingredients that can help heal and fade visible skin imperfections.
  • Get healthier, more beautiful hair. Argan oil is not just great for your skin, it can also transform the appearance of your hair. If you have thinning or dull hair, using argan oil in shampoo or hair masks can help strengthen hair follicles and restore brilliant shine.

Adding Moroccan Oil to Your Skin-Care Routine

Argan oil is now available in almost any beauty product and formula you can think of, so incorporating it into your beauty regimen is simple. Instead of using a traditional moisturiser, gently rub a few drops of argan oil on your face and neck area. Because argan oil absorbs fast, you don’t need to worry about grease or breakouts. For extra hydration, use argan oil as a moisturising toner or a rejuvenating face mask.

If you love to use self-tanning products, you can get the same results by choosing tanning formulas that are infused with argan oil and other natural ingredients. Try Mine Tan’s luxurious Moroccan oil range to combine the healing benefits of argan oil with a deliciously dark, head-to-toe tan.



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