August 18, 2015

Beauty Vlogging: Know Your Vocab

Long known for its videos of cute cats and Russian drivers, YouTube has also become the top place for beauty advice and product tips. The videos posted can do more than show you how to pull off a complicated evening eye; they can let you know what products you should be using and how to make the most of them–if you know the lingo. Here’s a guide that will help you know if a product is being picked or panned:

A video containing empties means that the vlogger thoroughly checked out the product to the point of using the whole bottle or tube. They’ve spent a month or more using the product and can give a knowledgeable review of its long-term effects. Videos with empties let you know if you should keep using a new product you’re not yet impressed with or if you should throw it out and get something else.

Finely Milled
This term is used when talking about a powder and refers to texture. A finely milled powder is one that has been sifted to the point that it is light, airy, and doesn’t clump. Use these videos to see what high-priced powder is best for you or use them for tips on getting the best look from a powder with a texture you aren’t used to.

A Haul video features brand new products, often items that haven’t yet come to market. The reviewer wants to get it online ASAP and will give a first-impression review instead of an Empties review. Watch these videos to see what will be trending in the next season so you can have the look perfected by the time everyone else is finding out about it.

A vlogger who has hit-panned a product has used so much that they have hit the metal pan beneath the product. This usually refers to a blush, eye shadow, or powder that has been used up because the vlogger really liked it and not because she was testing it; that would be an Empty. A product with lots of hit-pans is one that is worth stocking up or splurging on.

A product that sloughs thoroughly removes dead skin through exfoliation. Use sloughing videos when your face is looking dull or dry or to give areas such as feet and elbows a treat.

Now that your vocabulary has increased, go to YouTube and check out what products you should be using or how to get more out of products you already love!



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