May 16, 2014

Beauty Tips for Winter

With its icy temperatures and harsh winds, winter is undoubtedly the least skin-friendly season of the year. As the colder weather sets in, our skin becomes more susceptible to dryness, irritation and bothersome skin conditions. To prevent long-lasting damage, switching to a more proactive skin-care plan is a must. From staying hydrated with thicker body lotions to following winter spray tan tips for a natural-looking glow, making a few simple lifestyle changes can help you keep your skin looking and feeling its best all winter long.

Beauty Tips for Fighting Winter Weather

Cold winter air is incredibly drying, so hydration is a priority. To quench your skin’s thirst, pick up a vitamin-packed daily moisturiser with a much thicker consistency than your lightweight summer lotion. For 24-hour protection from dryness and inflammation, look for products with heavy-duty base ingredients like shea butter, lanolin and petroleum jelly, and don’t forget to hydrate your skin from the inside too. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is essential to staying healthy in any weather.

To eliminate those stubborn ashy tones that make winter skin look dull and lifeless, don’t shy away from exfoliating. While it can be drying, regular exfoliation is the key to removing the dead cells and debris that hide your skin’s natural glow. Apply a rich oil moisturiser immediately after showering to balance out the drying effects of exfoliators.

When picking up new products for this winter season, always consider your skin type before making a final decision instead of giving weight to reviews and magazine editorials. Even the most expensive beauty formulas aren’t universal. To identify your skin type, pay attention to how your skin behaves. If your complexion shows characteristics of several different skin types, schedule a consultation with a dermatologist for personalised advice.

Winter Spray Tan Tips

Just a touch of colour is flattering on all skin tones, and it’s the perfect signature style for the colder days of the year. While the rest of your body is bundled up in layers, keep your complexion radiant with subtle tanners and peachy highlighters. Since darker shades look out of place under winter’s cloudy skies, top up your body tan with products from Mine’s gradual tanning collection. Delivering instant hydration with a hint of bronze, Mine’s gradual tanners are the perfect addition to any winter beauty cabinet.



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