March 28, 2014

Beauty Secrets From Around the World

The beauty secrets of the most stunning women in the world can often be traced to local traditions, history and cuisine. From using local ingredients to sharing rituals that have been passed down for generations, below we reveal some of the hottest global beauty trends and tell you how to recreate these  dazzling looks at home no matter where you’re from.


Known for their beach-ready bodies and sun-kissed tans, Brazilian women are the embodiment of exotic beauty. To replicate their golden-brown tan without exposing your body to toxic ultraviolet rays, build your dream colour with Mine Tan’s dark ash spray tans. Inspired by the gorgeous bronze hues that can only be created by the powerful Brazilian sun, Mine Tan’s ash range delivers the darkest tan imaginable in just one hour – with none of the risks of sun-baking.


With its emphasis on healthy proteins and oils, the Mediterranean diet is proven to lower the risk of cancer, obesity and heart disease. To adapt it to your beauty routine, try making your own beauty products at home using olive oil. Rich in essential vitamins and good fatty acids, olive oil can be applied directly as a facial moisturiser, hair conditioner and bath infusion for soft, hydrated skin.


Home to the endemic argan tree, Morocco is famous for its production of the rare and revered Moroccan oil. With its roots in traditional cuisine and medicine, today Moroccan oil is making its mark throughout the world as a premium beauty ingredient. Packed with nourishing nutrients and disease-fighting antioxidants, Moroccan oil treatment blends are primarily used in skin and hair care. For shinier locks and a more radiant complexion, try adding a Moroccan oil treatment to your daily routine. You can find argan oil in its pure form or as one of the main ingredients in luxury beauty products.

For a head-to-toe faux tan that doubles as an anti-ageing toner, try the Moroccan oil spray tan from Mine Tan. Made with high-quality argan oil and a potent blend of natural ingredients, Mine Tan’s version of the classic Moroccan oil treatment delivers instant hydration and natural-looking colour that lasts. Use it as your go-to tanning solution to get softer skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, cellulite and stretch marks.


Japanese women rely on powerful natural ingredients to maintain flawless skin that shines from within. Rice water, the leftover liquid you throw out after preparing rice for dinner, is a long-time local favourite. To try it in your own kitchen, start by boiling organic rice in distilled water. After removing the rice, pour the remaining water into a jar. When it cools off, use it as a moisturiser for glowing skin or as a strengthening hair conditioner.



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