May 6, 2015

Are You Over-Exfoliating?

The skin sheds thousands of skin cells on a daily basis. This natural process is not always enough to encourage an even surface to help new skin grow. Exfoliation can help the health of your skin and encourage self-tanning solutions like MineTan to provide an even tone without the harsh rays of ultraviolet radiation. However, exfoliation can be too much of a good thing! There is such thing as over-exfoliating. Are you exfoliating more than you should be?

Skin Health and Tone with Exfoliation

Heavy and repeated exfoliation with abrasive substances can cause small blood vessels called capillaries to burst below the skin. It can mark the appearance of the skin and remove too much of the top layer of dermis that provides even tone. Removing too much skin can be just as bad as a complete lack of an exfoliation routine. Too much exfoliation can create the following signs that will affect proper self-tanning:

Dryness & patchiness: Dryness prevents proper even absorption of moisturiser and self-tanning solution. Tanning solution works best on well moisturised skin as a result of occasionally mild exfoliation.

Inflammation of the skin: Heavy exfoliation can cause breakouts and increased oil production in the skin. Applying a bronzer in this condition can easily clog pores and work less efficiently than its intended use. Chemical exfoliators are often the culprit for this sort of inflammation due to sensitivity and additional removal of the dermis layer. Matching skin tone evenly is important and requires an even palette of healthy skin to match.

Sensitivity: Sensitivity can result over long-term use of exfoliation abrasives. This can make it difficult to apply many self-tanning solutions.

Proper Exfoliation is Key

MineTan Face and Body can give you a balanced approach to exfoliation to prepare and maintain the best self-tanning skin surface you can. Removing an old tan with heavy exfoliation can ruin the natural tone of a gradual self tan. Natural fiber exfoliating mitts such as the MineTan Bronze Off Exfoliating Mitt work well for mild exfoliation techniques. Soft mitts work gradually and gently to remove excess tanning or create a new palette to tan on.

Creating a balanced exfoliation routine using natural solutions can help keep a tan even and reduce the chance of inflammation. A self-tanning solution should match the daily skin care routine already in place and reducing exfoliation provides more realistic changes in skin tone.

Image via @wildblend on Instagram



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