October 30, 2015

Aerial Yoga

What is Aerial Yoga?

The hip new exercise style known as Aerial Yoga was recently developed in New York City and is now practiced in many countries. Aerial Yoga practices utilise traditional yoga poses and Pilates techniques. The difference is that this exercise is practiced with the use of hammocks where those participating in this exercise craze can hang. In effect, Aerial Yoga is anti-gravity yoga, which it is sometimes referred to. Yoga hammocks hang securely from the ceilings in Aerial Yoga studios, and these hammocks are adjusted for the user’s height.

Differences Between Aerial and Traditional Yoga

Aerial yoga was developed from traditional yoga, but there are a few differences between the two exercise styles. Yoga poses that are difficult on the ground are often easier to hold when hanging. Additionally, the anti-gravity environment adds variety to the aerial yoga workout routine. There are many tried and true yoga moves used in Aerial Yoga, such as the popular Cat Cow, but new moves have been developed specifically for the Aerial version of yoga. These new moves have catchy names such as “The Chandelier” and “The Awesome Possum!” Most Aerial Yoga classes include at least one inversion in which students in the class have the opportunity to hang upside down. While traditional yoga is considered very gentle, Aerial Yoga is not recommended for people suffering from vertigo, those who are pregnant, and those who have recently had surgery- especially eye surgery.

Health Benefits of Aerial Yoga

There are certainly health benefits that come along with Aerial Yoga. The exercises involved may reduce back and/or sciatic nerve pain, as hanging relieves compression on the spine. This form of yoga also may strengthen joints and muscles by using whole body approach to exercise. It is also a great core strengthener, as core muscles are used to stay balanced while in the air. As with any exercise program, increased blood circulation is another benefit. Like regular yoga, the breathing techniques used can benefit psychological and emotional health to create a wonderful mind-body experience. Aerial Yoga also a great way to relieve stress.



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