June 13, 2014

How to Achieve An All-Natural Tan

If you’re a strong advocate of building a gorgeous bronze base with do-it-yourself fake tan tips instead of baking in the sun, congratulations on joining the sunless tanning crowd. From mums at home to celebrities on the red carpet, women from all walks of life are waking up to the reality that UV tanning is a silent killer. Getting out of the sun for good comes with a long list of benefits that range from younger-looking skin to lower risk of skin cancer, but is sunless tanning really as safe as the industry pros make it sound?

While the many ingredients that go into making a standard tanner are commonly found in other cosmetics, the long-term effects of using non-organic chemicals are up for debate. If living a natural lifestyle is a priority, take your tanning routine another step into the future by switching to organic solutions. With the green trend gaining more momentum by the minute, we now have access to a variety of innovative sunless tanning products with all-natural ingredients. Here, we tell you why going organic matters and share our best self tanning tips for achieving a beautiful, chemical-free tan at home.

Self Tanning Tips for Creating a Flawless, All-Natural Glow

• Find Your Mine Tan. Formulated with nourishing blends of all-natural ingredients, high-end products from Mine Tan’s organic range deliver a fresh burst of vibrant colour in one powerful, nutrient-packed punch. For your head-to-toe glow, choose your shade from the popular Pure Organic line or sample the best-selling spray tans with a Mine Tan miniature pack.

• Use a daily moisturiser. Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated is one of the most frequently recommended fake tan tips for prolonging the lifespan of your colour.

• Shave the day before tanning to avoid stripping your application or creating uneven patches.

• Start with clean, freshly exfoliated skin. Exfoliation removes impurities and polishes your body to perfection for streak-free coverage.

• Blend as you go. Covering your hairline and eyebrows with moisturiser and using barrier cream on transitional areas are great self tanning tips for creating a natural-looking faux tan.

The Benefits of Switching to Organic Beauty Products

1. Avoid inflammation and allergies. Standard beauty products are full of artificial dyes, fillers and fragrances that can cause irritation when applied to sensitive skin. Even if you only experience a bit of dryness after tanning, switching to an all-natural formula is one of the most effective fake tan tips you can follow for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated at all times.

2. Protect the environment. Organic tanners are made with eco-friendly ingredients and sustainable production methods.

3. Eliminate side effects. Since most all-natural cosmetics are hypoallergenic, they rarely cause unpleasant side effects. Not to mention that using a chemical-free formula is the only way to be completely sure that you aren’t doing any damage to your body over time.

4. Breathe easy. Synthetic scents are often added to tanners to mimic the feeling of being on vacation. In people with sensitive noses, the sweet smells can trigger migraines. Organic tanning solutions, on the other hand, typically get their scents from natural fruit oils and flowers.



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