April 27, 2014

5 Ways to Look Instantly Slimmer

You already know that the best way to get fit is to eat a balanced diet and exercise on a regular basis, but what if you just don’t have that kind of time? While it’s important to stick to your healthy lifestyle to see permanent results, there’s nothing wrong with taking a few shortcuts when you need to look your best for a special occasion. Whether you’re getting ready for a beach holiday or a glamorous evening gala, following the beauty tricks below can help you look trim and slim in any outfit.

1. Avoid eating foods that cause bloating.

If you want to keep your stomach flat, remember that sodium is your enemy. Because sodium causes water retention, salty foods can leave you feeling swollen and heavy. Other foods that can trigger bloating include dairy products, legumes, cabbage, asparagus, processed carbohydrates and artificial sugars. If you’re already carrying extra water weight, get relief with natural diuretics.

2. Watch your posture.

Slumping forward not only makes you look heavier, but it also sends a signal to others that you lack confidence and poise. Standing tall will make you look slimmer and show that you’re comfortable with your body.

3. Create a flawless shape with self tanning lotions.

There’s a good reason why celebrities never leave home without a great faux tan. Darker skin colour instantly creates the illusion of thinness and distracts the eye from imperfections. From hiding cellulite to covering up stretch marks, self tanning lotions can be used to temporarily eliminate all types of marks and skin conditions. When you need to unexpectedly don a bikini by the afternoon, reach for an instant formula to get your dream body in a flash. Self tanning lotions with built-in bronzers deliver immediate colour and make it easy to get even coverage fast.

4. Wear flattering clothes.

Just because you saw an amazing outfit on the pages of a magazine doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to translate the same way into your real-life wardrobe. To always look and feel your best, it’s important to choose clothes that are going to fit your shape, taste and lifestyle. The best rule to follow when you need to hide problem areas is to wear well-tailored pieces that accentuate your favourite features. To avoid making your body look wider, steer clear of horizontal stripes and large prints.

5. Take in extra weight with shapewear.

If wearing a bikini isn’t your dilemma, keep your problem spots in check with shapewear. With choices that range from thigh slimmers to full-body suits, you can find the perfect shapewear piece for your body type in any department store.

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