December 6, 2013

5 Tips for Looking Fabulous on Your Wedding Day

Every bride deserves to look and feel her best on the most special day of her life. From getting a natural sun-kissed glow with a spray tanning solution to hiring a professional makeup artist, there are a lot of options to create your dream wedding look. Whether you are wearing a traditional white gown or a couture cocktail dress, try the tips below to find a wedding style that fits your personality and your budget.

1. Choose flattering makeup.

Find colours that bring out your eyes and lips without overwhelming your natural beauty. If you plan to use a makeup artist, schedule a consultation at least a few weeks before your wedding day to plan your perfect look. For do-it-yourself makeup, choose shades that you know look good with your skin tone. Use skin highlighters to contour your face and add a bit of shimmer.

2. Try different hairstyles at a bridal salon.

Like makeup artists, bridal hair stylists offer consultation appointments at reasonable prices. Before you head to yours, narrow your options down to a few general hairstyles that you like the most to point your stylist in the right direction.

3. Get a flawless tan with a professional spray tanning solution.

When done correctly, professional spray tans look completely natural and have no known side effects unlike the health risks associated with tanning beds. While there is a small risk of a spray tan going wrong with streaks or an orange colour, you can avoid it by going for trial appointments a few weeks before your wedding date. For best results, try the specially formulated wedding tanning solution Perfect Bride from Mine Tan. With a formula that combines skin-nourishing ingredients and cutting-edge sunless tanning technology, Mine Tan’s spray tanning solution for brides delivers a gorgeous natural colour that lasts.

4. Use your tanning solution the day before your wedding.

While choosing a high-end tanning solution and scheduling trial spray tans should prevent any tanning disaster, you should still schedule your spray tan at least 24 hours before your wedding day. Besides giving yourself plenty of time to fix any mistakes or missed spots, you need to wait at least eight hours before showering to let your spray tan fully develop.

5. Plan a relaxing day before your wedding.

What you do the day before your wedding can affect how you look and feel the next morning. To prevent bloating and water retention, avoid drinking alcohol and eating heavy foods the night before the big day. If you are feeling nervous, taking a walk and drinking a calming tea before bed can help you get the rest you need to wake up feeling calm and refreshed.



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