October 15, 2013

5 Spray Tanning Products You Can’t Live Without

Behind every flawless and long-lasting spray tan, you can be sure to find at least a few supplementary spray tanning products that make the magic happen behind the scenes. Spray tans might look dark and deep, but they can only deposit colour into the top layers of your skin. That means how you treat your skin before and after you tan makes all the difference in the quality of your tan and the amount of time it lasts. Stocking your beauty cabinet with the must-have spray tanning products below can help you optimise your results and cut back on the number of sessions you need to maintain your ideal colour.

1. Exfoliator
Exfoliating your body from head to toe is an absolute must-do before every spray tanning session. Exfoliators refresh and smooth out the skin by removing stubborn dirt, debris and dead skin cells. The perfectly polished surface left behind is ideal for creating an even tan that lasts. For best results, try using an exfoliating mitt or glove and a textured scrub with powerful micro-beads.

2. Barrier cream
If you have pale skin, a fake tan around your wrists or your hairline can be too noticeable to look natural. For protecting those areas where you want your colour to look blended, apply a barrier cream before stepping into the spray tanning booth. You can also use moisturiser for colour blocking, but barrier creams are better for blending. For a superior finish, try Mine Tan’s Blending Cream.

3. Moisturiser
Well-hydrated skin not only looks younger and healthier, it can also help your spray tan go on evenly and protect it from fading too quickly. Use a rich moisturiser right after you shower to lock in 24-hour moisture and prevent fast fading.

4. Tan Extender
Tan extenders are the best spray tanning products for maintaining your colour longer. Most tan-enhancing formulas are infused with gentle tanners that actually refresh your spray tanning results by adding in a subtle, natural-looking colour. Since many tan extenders are also designed to be used as body moisturisers, using them means that you can skip a step and save time on your daily beauty routine.

5. Instant Bronzers
Because it is not possible to stop your spray tan from fading eventually, it helps to keep a few bronzers on hand to give you an instant colour lift when you don’t have the time or money for another spray tanning session. Instant bronzing products are available in many different formulas and colours, so you can find the perfect formula for any occasion. Try matte bronzing powders to create a soft daytime glow. When you need a serious tan boost, apply a dark mousse or a tinted lotion all over your body for a quick colour makeover.



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