May 1, 2014

5 Uses for Moroccan Oil

From popular beauty podcasts to trend-setting fashion blogs, there’s a reason why so many experts are sharing glowing Moroccan oil reviews across all media platforms. Made from the nuts of Morocco’s endemic argan trees, Morocco oil, also known as argan oil, is one of the leading ingredients in today’s back-to-nature beauty trend. Prized for its rarity and sustainable production methods, organic Morocco oil is naturally high in age-fighting antioxidants, essential fatty acids and immune-boosting vitamin E. From faux tanning to hair styling, it can be added to every part of your daily beauty routine. Taken from the latest Moroccan oil reviews, below are some of our favourite ways to use this ancient remedy for better skin, health and hair.

1. Shinier Hair

Moroccan oil shampoos, conditioners and styling products are excellent for restoring moisture to dull and brittle hair. For thick locks that shine, try using argan oil as a deep conditioner twice or three times a week. After drying, run a few drops through your hair to tame frizz and flyaways. Instead of using argan oil in all of your hair products, pick no more than two to avoid making your locks look greasy.

2. Healthier Skin

Because argan oil is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, it makes a great skin-care product. For a radiant complexion and soft and supple skin, use it as a daily moisturiser. If you use self-tanning products, get the benefits of Moroccan oil while creating the darkest tan imaginable with two-in-one spray tans from Mine Tan. Infused with pure argan oil and other skin-loving ingredients, Mine Tan’s premium Moroccan range delivers flawless colour and lasting hydration. For skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, rub a small amount of Moroccan oil into the affected areas twice a day to soothe your skin and protect it from damage.

3. Fewer Stretch Marks

Healthier, well-hydrated skin means less visible imperfections. Antioxidants in argan oil help smooth out stubborn stretch marks and reduce cellulite. In fact, Moroccan oil reviews from mums-to-be all over the world show that organic argan oil is one of the best treatments for preventing post-pregnancy stretch marks. When used regularly as a skin serum, it can also help you tone down acne, scars and age spots.

4. Younger Skin

While you can’t stop the aging process completely, you can slow it down by protecting your skin from the sun and using Moroccan oil daily. Antioxidant-rich creams that use argan oil as the main ingredient are ideal for eliminating wrinkles, fine lines and other common signs of aging. For the ultimate anti-aging plan, pair argan oil with a daily high-SPF sunscreen.

5. Stronger Nails

Nails need nutrients to stay thick and healthy. If you’re tired of nails that chip and break as soon as you invest in a great manicure, try using Moroccan oil as a nourishing hand treatment. When left on for a few minutes before bed, it can strengthen your nails, soften hands and smooth out cuticles.



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