March 11, 2014

5 Essential Spray Tanning Supplies

While the airbrush mist is the star of any spray tan, the tanning supplies you use before and after your session can make a huge difference to the quality and lifespan of your colour. Remember that tanning solutions create colour that sits in the top layers of your skin, so your beauty routine will always play an important role in your results. The good news is that you really don’t have to buy a ton of new products to get an amazing payoff. The must-have spray tanning supplies below are all you need to achieve a more beautiful and longer-lasting tan.

1. Exfoliators

Although they aren’t used exclusively for sunless tanning, exfoliators are some of the most important tanning supplies in any tanning fan’s beauty cabinet. Exfoliating cleansers remove the debris and dead skin cells that can make your spray tan patchy. Without them, even the best tanning solutions can fall short. To optimise your results, use a mild pre-tan scrub with a soft exfoliating mitt the day before tanning.

2. Daily Moisturisers

Because moisturisers keep skin healthy and hydrated, they make excellent tanning supplies for colour maintenance. Spray tans fade when your body sheds old skin cells, which can happen quickly if your skin is dry. By using a daily lotion with a 24-hour moisture protection, you can form a protective barrier around your colour and prevent fading. For healthy skin that glows from inside out, apply your moisturiser after your daily shower.

3. Balancing Primers

If the colour of your spray tans doesn’t come close to the matching shade on the colour guide, your shower products can be the problem. Because your skin’s pH balance can affect the way any DHA-based tanning supplies work, keep it in the right range a pre-tan primers, such as Mine Tan’s Perfect Start Primer.

4. Bronzers

Spray tanning supplies don’t have to be limited to products that absorb into your skin. Tan-enhancing makeup is temporary, but it works brilliantly for touching up fading colour or darkening your base spray tan for a special occasion. Try using powder bronzers all over your body for a head-to-toe glow. If you want to go more glamourous, highlight the areas where sunlight naturally hits your skin with skin illuminators.

5. Gradual Tanning Lotions

What makes gradual tanning lotions some of the best spray tanning supplies on the market? Formulated with nourishing ingredients and a small percentage of DHA, they can double your spray tan’s lifespan while keeping your skin soft and silky. For colour maintenance, use a gradual tanning lotion every other day in place of your regular moisturiser. To intensify your base tan, switch to daily use until you’re happy with your skin colour.



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