January 1, 2014

5 Common Tanning Mistakes

It’s a little known truth, but spray tanning is an art form. From polishing your skin to create the perfect canvas, to carefully applying the tanning mist from head to toe, a lot of skill goes into creating the kind of tan that will turn heads (for all the right reasons). Skipping steps in your preparation and maintenance routine or tanning with the wrong spray tan solutions can lead to a number of problems, including the dreaded streaks and orange tone. The good news is that the vast majority of tanning disasters can be avoided if you take the time to learn about the most common tanning mistakes. Once you’re in the habit of doing everything right, getting an amazing spray tan will feel like second nature.

1. Your Tan is Uneven

If your dream tan turned into a streaky nightmare, chances are that you did not exfoliate the night before your tanning session. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, dirt and other debris that can block tanning agents from penetrating the upper levels of your skin, so it plays a major role in creating even coverage.

2. Your Tan Looks Too Dark

When the colour of your tan does not come out the way you want it, the culprit is almost certainly the solution you used. Remember that spray tan solutions come in different quality levels and colours, so the depth and shade of your tan depend entirely on the product you use for the application. As a rule, it is always best to choose a colour that is one shade darker than your natural skin tone if you want a subtle look and two shades darker if you want dramatic results. To avoid a fake-looking tan, always choose premium formulas with high-end ingredients.

3. Your Tan Rubs Off

To prevent your tan from rubbing off immediately after the application, wait at least eight hours before showering and exercising.

4. Your Feet and Hands Look Unnaturally Dark

Since the natural sun hits you in different parts of your body, you want to avoid areas where a deep tan will look unnatural. Dark feet and hands can instantly give away your fake tan, so be sure to lightly cover them with barrier cream right before your spray tan to protect them from absorbing too much colour. You can also use moisturisers to blend spray tan solutions around your ankles and elbows.

5. Your Tan Fades Too Fast

In addition to exfoliating before you spray tan, you need to moisturise your entire body on a daily basis to extend the lifespan of your colour. Keep some gradual tanning lotions on hand to deepen your tan when you need a quick colour boost before your next tanning session.

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