January 7, 2014

10 Tips to Stay Healthy Over Summer

While a little overindulging during Christmas is perfectly fine, putting your diet and workout plan on the back burner can quickly turn into a month-long binge. Here are 10 tips to help get your health and fitness back on track after the silly season. From drinking low-calorie cocktails to using spray tanning products instead of sunbaking, these simple tips will help you stay healthy throughout the summer months.

1. Eat an hour before going to parties. Showing up hungry will make it that much harder to keep your eating in check. To satisfy your hunger, while still leaving a little room for party treats, fill up on fibre-rich fruits and vegetables.

2. Don’t neglect your exercise routine. Moderate exercise every second day will help you avoid weight gain and keep your energy levels up. Complement this with incidental exercise, such as taking the stairs and walking rather than driving.

3. Watch what you eat at parties. Instead of eating snacks from any appetiser tray that comes your way, make an effort to look for the healthiest choices on the menu.

4. Learn the calorie count in popular party foods. Holiday pies and desserts can hide a lot of calories. Knowing which recipes are the lowest in calories can help you make the right decision on the go.

5. Get a sun-kissed glow with spray tanning products. When your schedule is full of summer parties, getting a golden-brown tan can be irresistible. Spray tanning is a great alternative to UV tanning because it is convenient and perfectly safe. With spray tanning, you only need a few minutes to get a flawless, head-to-toe tan that lasts all summer long.

6. Wear sunscreen. Spray tanning may be the ideal substitute for dangerous UV rays, but you still need to actively protect your skin from daily damage with strong sunscreens. Most spray tanning products have no SPF, so be sure to add a high-SPF lotion to your holiday beauty routine.

7. Forget the all-or-nothing attitude. Just because you had a few extra cocktails at last night’s party doesn’t mean that all is lost. The sooner you get back to exercising and eating well, the more likely you are to prevent the post-holiday weight gain.

8. Pace your bites. It takes your brain about 20 minutes to catch up with your stomach, so slowing down can help you avoid overeating.

9. Set a date when the holidays are officially over. Once you start indulging in your favourite Christmas foods and cocktails, there is a real temptation to keep your holiday snacking going well into January. To minimise the damage, pick a day when you plan to return to your normal lifestyle.

10. Eat light during the day and avoid alcohol if you have an event later. While you should never starve yourself, balancing your meals based on your schedule is a smart way to stay within your daily calorie limit. Just remember to have a healthy snack before you head out.

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